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Μασάζ Θεσσαλονίκη
The awarded session of The Massage Suite
Holistic Therapeutic Massage is reviving experience for the cells and the whole body, which offers therapeutic stimuli to all the energy centers.  This kind of massage is a movement combination of ayuverdic massage, shiatsu and reflexology with the use of therapeutic oils. It is a method which approaches the person holistically, body, soul and spirit through knuckles. The aim of holistic massage is to activate the self immune rhythms that lie in a latent form inside every organism. The central nervous system is the particular part of the body which is mostly influenced. So, we can see all forms of benefits in muscle and moving dysfunctions, while there’s an improvement in lymph and blood circulation and on the respiratory system. Holistic massage is so beneficial for the dysfunctional or tighten muscles and the energy flow is goes back to normal so efficiently that health problems such as headaches, migraines and muscles pain disappear. Also, the Holistic Therapeutic Massage contributes to stress reduction and nerve tension, as well as to a speed recovery after surgery or injury. The session is offered by specialized therapists and it is guaranteed that you will feel general wellness, deep relaxation and energy refreshment.